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Family Hero Portraits
Everyone has an old photograph of a family member who served in the armed forces, in the first or second world wars and all the military actions up to the present day, Iraq and Afganistan included.
Taking your old family photograph as reference I can produce an original oil painting showing your "family member hero" against a background that recalls the battle they may have taken part in. If your family member was in the Royal Navy, the ship they served on could be shown in the background. If your relative served in the Royal Airforce then the particular type of aircraft they were associated with can be depicted behind your family hero.
An original oil painting is a permanent and fitting memorial for your ancestor and a living reminder for generations to come.
To commission an original " Heritage Portrait" from me I will require a copy of the old family photograph of your family member or relative, ideally in uniform and some information regarding the content for the background scene, i.e. the battle, regiment, ship or aircraft that they were associated with.
Heritage Portraits can be produced to any size up to 594 x 420mm (or larger by arrangement) and the cost would depend upon the complexity of the historical background element and image research required.
An accurate estimate of the production cost can be supplied once your family photograph and reference material has been seen.
Go to the  Contact page  and use the Email form to enquire for further details regarding ordering.
The example shown is my own father-in-law who served at the battle of Arnhem in the second world war. The bridge at Arnhem (a bridge to far) can be seen in the background. The original family photograph used for this portrait is shown in front, this was black and white and measured 12cm x 7cm in size and we believe was taken in 1944.
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